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Be Prepared!

I like to be prepared, and I thought I was. After hurricane Irma, I realized that while I had a generator, food, water, and tons of flashlights, I was missing a link in my communications arsenal. I'm a ham radio operator, so I could communicate with other Hams, but I couldn't communicate with my wife, at least not without carrying another radio. So, even though GMRS radios worked, I wanted something that would allow me to use our cell phones. Enter Gotenna.

SMS, Texting, Emergency Communications
Gotenna units

I did my research and found several solutions, with Gotenna being the best IMHO. It's a small transmitter that connects to your phone via Bluetooth and let's you text and send your location to other Gotenna units. The more I thought about it, the more I could see using it on trips abroad, at concerts, sporting events...anywhere our cellular network fails. AND, the more units in your area the greater the range, because they mesh, just like Google home Wi-Fi or similar systems.

So check them out...BTW, I'm not affiliated or sponsored by them in any way, I just think these are a cool solution!

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