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Naked and Afraid...VERY AFRAID

Okay, so a month ago I posted this:

To save you some time, it was post about how my Nexus 6P was SO sexy that I liked to carry it naked. I was experimenting with different cases, but it was tough to give up that raw feeling. It was clever, and well written, and you would've loved it. Well, this post is an update to that one. In short, I SCRATCHED MY 6P!!!!!

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That awful scratch!

Wait, not scratched, so much as gouged my 6P.  I GOUGED MY 6P!!!!!

In a word, dammit! Despite my musings regarding going case-less, I had started using a clear TPU case in situations I deemed "high-risk". The case was clear which let me see the beautiful graphite finish on my 6P, while not adding a significant amount of bulk to the slim body. But, the feel of that sleek aluminum proved to be too tempting for me. I ran a quick errand on Christmas day (retrieving my elderly aunt from her ALF, a saintly mission), and decided to go without. I did not choose wisely. Rather than reach into my pocket and risk dropping my baby, I elected to keep it in the cup holder. At some point, I reached into the cup holder to check a notification, and I heard the sound of metal being scratched. Yes, that's right, I HEARD IT! Now, in my experience, if you can hear a scratch, it's probably pretty bad... and it was. When I looked at the back of my 6P The damage was worse than I expected. Not only could I see the scratch, I could FEEL it. It was deep, it was long, and it was gnarly. It penetrated the beautiful graphite finish and revealed the shiny aluminum below. The horror... Now, how a cup holder could scratch a phone was beyond me. As I sat there in disbelief, I ran my hands around the rim of the offending receptacle...and there it was. A tiny, almost microscopic bur on the chrome trim. It was SO small it was imperceptible to the human eye. But, the back of my 6P found it alright.

Now, for many of you, it might seem ridiculous to get spun up about a scratch on your cell phone. To you I say, you're the freak. Seriously, how do you NOT get upset about a scratch on something so perfect. My 6P cost a bunch of coin, and to see it like that just deflated me. But, that was then, and this is now. It's time to move forward.

Functionally, the phone hasn't lost a step. Sure, that scratch bothers me every time I see it, and it's not bad enough to trigger Google Protection... yet. So, why not look at this as a learning experience? I've decided that, it's time to learn about the world of skins. You know, those covers that adhere to the surface of the phone and hide the finish? To that end, I've ordered myself a D-Skin carbon fiber back with a flat titanium strip for the visor of my disfigured 6P. Heck, I even decided to get crazy and ordered the white NEXUS with the limited edition colored X. I figured, if I'm going to learn about skins, I might as well go big. This way I can hide the shame of my scratch (yes, it still hurts), and give the phone a bit of grip. But, what if I drop the phone? I mean, the skin will do absolutely nothing if I drop the phone, right?

And that's where that $89 Google Protection will kick in!

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